America can be proud with a business like Allure Relocation Inc.

Barack Obama, President of the United States

Allure relocated my house with class and style.

Lucy Liu, Actress

Allure moved my movie equipment like no one before! It is definitely the best company ever. Love you Allure!

Michael Mann, Director

Allure, is the best moving service I have ever experienced.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California, Actor

Allure is the best moving company-period. You actually have the man who runs the company taking care of your personal things as if they were his. It is almost mind-boggling that every quality a mover should possess-like promptness, courtesy, respect and friendliness-is provided in large amounts by Allure. -Everybody hates moving. Allure helps you hate it a lot less by making it easy on you, personally. No stress. No drama. No hassles. Just efficient, effective packing and moving and hawk-like attention to time. It is no wonder Allure has five stars from the likes of the President of the United States-and Lucy Liu -and now, me as well. So thanks Allure for putting me in such great company!

I’d use Allure again in a nano-second-though I hope I don’t have to move anywhere as soon as that…

Robert Miltenberg

Denis — Thank you very much for helping us move to our new home. It is always a stressful decision to select a moving company who will be careful with your furniture and affordable at the same time. We definitely made the right decision in choosing Allure, although we wish we hadn’t moved on the hottest day of the year in the San Fernando Valley! Your team was so respectful, careful, and eager. Despite the 115 degrees, everyone worked tirelessly until the job was complete. Thanks for providing such a professional team.


This past October (2010) I hired Allure Relocation Inc. to move me into a wonderful new home at Newport Beach, Allure Relocation Inc. did a fine job for me. I did not experience any bumps or bruises as they maneuvered my antique and in some cases very heavy furniture. Additionally they arrived right when they said and worked quickly but with great care to my past and new home. I was pleased to find out that Allure has a fine staff of people who get the job done with a smile. I recommend Allure Relocation Inc. to anyone who is looking to hire a moving company.

Chris Thomas

I have moved eighteen times in 40 years, but this moving service (from Allure Relocation Inc.) leave all the other moving campanies in the dust! We are so happy that we chose you.

Coco N.

Allure Relocation Inc. gave us the best moving experience of my life!  A week later, I had a champagne delivery to my new home- wow!  Thank you so much Allure,  you rock!


The staff from Allure Relocation were careful, fast, polite and smart…my move to Laguna Beach was a success… the movers had such a great attitude which I never seen before in a moving company…despite the obstacles they faced during the move. The owner must really care and it shows.

Phillip Kartrino

Allure Relocation Inc. is the best of the best in the moving business.

Kim B.

Never have seen a moving company profile so perfect.


Where did this company come from? I have never seen a service so professional in my life. Allure Relocation Inc. was simply fabulous.

Jay T.

Moving with Allure Relocation Inc. was a great experience- and I like the name, it exemplifies class and elegance.

Peter L.

Finally!!! What a difference! A moving company that cares for their clients…Thanks Allure Relocation Inc.

Tony E.

A moving company that cares? Only one in the world, only Allure Relocation Inc.! Phenomenal!

Crissy F.