If you would like to purchase packing materials through us and have them shipped to your home or office prior to your move, you may do so. Otherwise, the movers will have packing materials with them on the day of your move and you may purchase them then.

If you want to get a rough estimate on how many boxes you will need for your move, you can count the number of cabinets you have. Multiply the width by the length by the height of each cabinet. This will give you the cubic feet of the cabinet. This is important because boxes come in all different sizes. If you have 5 cabinets that are 3 cubic feet each, you will need roughly 5 boxes that measure 3 cubic feet each, or 5 medium boxes. We carry them in every size.

Blankets/ Padding
These are provided by us included in your moving package for every move. We pad-wrap everything to secure it for transport. We like to take utmost care of your furniture and items in your home or office.

Wardrobe or Closet Boxes
Practically a closet on the go! Also, included in your moving package. You will not need to take your clothes off the hangers. Simply let us know how many closets you have in your home or office and we will bring the wardrobe boxes with us to your move.

Bubble wrap, tape and rope
We call this the trinity of moving! Our movers carry these items in their trucks to secure all things into boxes, pull a couch out through a large window with rope – anything they need to do to make your move a success!