Door-to-Door Service
Door-to-door service means we pick up your items at the origin address, pack the items if necessary, load the items onto our truck, ship the goods, and deliver them to your destination address in Hawaii. For goods being shipping to Hawaii, we get your goods as close to your door as possible. If you are shipping LCL, we unload the goods into your driveway or into your garage, depending on road and street conditions. We will not deliver the items into the house. If you are shipping FCL, we drop the container as close to your house as possible. We will leave the container at your house for a couple of days and you can unload the container at your leisure.

Full Container Load (FCL)
We offer Full Container Load (FCL) shipments from almost anywhere in the United States, except Alaska. Shipping goods via a FCL is usually more expensive than shipping LCL, and most customers elect to ship their goods via LCL. Please note we reserve the right to ship your goods via LCL.

Terminal/Port to Port Service
Terminal/port-to-port service means you drop off your goods at the nearest terminal at your convenience. Your goods will then be shipped and you, or your authorized agent, will be expected to retrieve your goods when they arrive at the destination port. This service is usually the least expensive for you; however, it requires the most amount of work on your part.

Consolidation of your shipment to Guam or Hawaii means you share space with at least 1 other customer on an ocean container. Most customers will not be shipping the equivalent of an exact 20′, 40′, or 45′ container. For example, a 20′ container can hold approximately 1,100 cubic feet. If your shipment consists of 600 cubic feet, we match your shipment with another customer that is shipping 500 cubic feet in order to fill up the container. We separate each customer’s goods inside the container. Consolidation saves you money because you will not be paying for empty space inside the container; you pay for only the amount of space your goods occupy.

If you have any other questions please ask us.