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Please give us an idea of your shipping needs, we will get back to you with a quote within no more than 24 hours. Or simply call Allure Relocation -Los Angeles Movers- NOW.

Once, an old client that we helped move told me this story about this shipping company he hired years ago. They said they will move him for a $399 flat fee, how many hours it may take it didn’t matter. So he totally went for it and everything looked great during the move and it was packed precisely using quite a lot of material, which caught his attention at some point in the morning. At the end of the day when everything was unpacked and correctly located in place, meaning couches, appliances and the rest of the boxes, he got a $768 dollar bill when he was told an initial $399. His mistake was not looking at the small print, as always, where it stated that all shipping supplies where going to be charged separately as well as the truck miles and gasoline.
That is why we always encourage our clients to ask for estimates and for a contract, it is always advisable to know some possible extra digits concerning the cost of your moving job.
That way,  you will know that your estimate is a good one ( Los Angeles Movers ), an accurate one. That is why with Allure Relocation Inc. you won’t find any of this hassle because our moving estimates are so accurate that you can be sure to spend what we initially told you.

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